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Nabin K. Bhattarai

Singer : Nabin K. Bhattarai
Date of Birth: 14th March 1974.
Place of Birth : Dillibazar Kathmandu.
Profession: Singer, Composer and Song Writer.
Marital Status: Married with Nabina Rajbhandari.
Father Name: Kalyan Bhattarai.
Mother Name: Nirmala Bhattarai.
Hobbies: Singing, Trekking, Sports and Painting.
Awards Received:
1.      Best male vocalist award in Sajha Smriti Award.
2.      Album of the year award received for the album Raharai Raharma.
3.      Shikhar Hits FM Award in 2054 on Best Male Vocal.
4.      Chinnalata Award.
5.      Hits FM Music Award in 2060.and many others.
Nabin K. Bhattarai was born in Dillibazzar Kathmandu Nepal in 14th of March 1974 is a singer, composer and songwriter of Nepalese music industry. Bhattarai was the eldest son of Mrs nirmala Bhattarai and Mr Kalyan Bhattarai. He is interested in music, painting and sports from his childhood. After he completed his High school Diploma (Intermediate), he participated in various musical events. He entered into the career of music after he was awarded his degree named Intermediate in Science (ISC). He enters in the field of music in 1990 with a band named “The Steel Wheels” as a rhythm guitarist and vocalist for the band with his friends, as other members of the band member went abroad, he persist as a solo singer. He attends music classes at Kathmandu University with his full of interest. He record first song as “Aaakhama Timilai” which was a great number and a popular song of his lifetime and was loved by the Nepalese music lovers. As his fans suggested he is influenced by the western rock bands like Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. He is also influenced by Suresh Kumar and Kunti Moktan from Nepalese Music Industry.

In addition, he contributed lot in Nepali music industry, not only as a singer but also a good music composer. He got married in 23rd of June 2010 with Nabina Rajbhandari. Nabin was a father of a baby boy who was born in 10th of April 2012.

His fans suggest that, in the year 2011, Nabin was taking the involvement in different social works. His Latest album named was the “Kathmandu”. In interview we listen that he was born in Kathmandu is a reason behind keeping the album named Kathmandu as his latest. He sung an English number named “Million of Faces”, written by Jyotsna Bhattarai and Post production by Saddist production. Another number which is liked by the music lovers from this Album is “Prem Katha” a song combination of English and Nepali language.

Released Albums:
         1.      Raharai Raharma.
         2.      Aaabhas.
         3.      Smriti.
         4.      Samjhana.
         5.      Samarpan.
         6.      Nabin.
         7.      The Blue.
         8.      Smriti Reloaded.
         9.      G Major.
        10.  Nakshatra.
        11.  Kathmandu.

Deepak Bajracharya

Birth Date: 2nd May.
Birth Place: Binche Bahal Lalitpur, Nepal.
Occupation: Music Arranger, Performer, singer and Managing Director of Royal Tune Records Pvt. Ltd.
Sex: Male.
Education Qualification: Bachelor in Business.
Program or concerts attend: More Than 300
Marital Status: Married.
First song: Chodi Gayeu Priya.
First concert: City Hall in 1988.
Recorded Songs: More than 250 in countdown.

Some of the Solo Performances by Deepak Bachracharya are as enlisted below:

                                  CONCERTS                                                          LOCATION

          1.      A close encounter with Deepak Bajracharya                      Patan Durbar Square
          2.      Ma ra Mero Guitar                                                              Malla Hotel.
          3.      Let the children Walk  presented by Ashok Baskota.         …………………..
          4.      Presented by NHEICC and WHO                                      Dasrath Stadium Kathmandu.
          5.      Deepak Bajracharya live in Patan                                        Patan Durbar Square.
          6.      Deepak Bajracharya Live in Bal Mandir                             Bal Mandir.
          7.      Deepak Bajracharya Live                                                     Biratnagar (2005)
          8.      Deepak Bajracharya Live in unplugged                               Royal Nepal Academy  (2004)
          9.      Deepak Bajracharya Performing  Live                                Pokhara (2003/2004/2005) 
          10.  World no Tobacco Day Mega Event by Deepak Bajracharya Live     (2003) 
           11.  Deepak’s Night                                                                     Hong Kong (2002)
Other Concerts attend by Deepak Bajracharya with Others Singers and artist is as follows:

ARTIST NAME                                            LOCATION
    1. Ram K Dhakal and J Rajani Kant                     Japan
    2. Lucky Ali                                                          Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara)
    3. Indira Gurung                                                    Japan
    4. 1974 A.D                                                         Hong Kong and Icon 2003 at Kathmandu Nepal
    5. Lujaw, Rovin and Mongolian Heart                  Dasrath Stadium Kathmandu, Nepal.
Nominated Song for Awards :
Bhannai Sakina 2011 A.D (2067 B.S)
Jhumi Jhumi 2005 A.D (2061 B.S)
Ritu 2004 A.D (2060 B.S)
Andhyaroma 2002 A.D. (2059 B.S)
Timi Nai Timi 2000 A.D (2057 B.S)
Samaya 1999 A.D (2056)
Mitighar, Sunshan 1998 A.D (2055 B.S)
Oh Amira 1997 A.D (2054 B.S)
Awards Received as a best Performer are as provided below:
1   1.      Taal Music Award as the album of the year in 2003 A.D (2060 B.S)
     2.      Icon 2003 A.D
     3.      Best Male Vocal Performance Award in Aaha Pop Music in 2003 A.D (2060 B.S)
     4.      Hits F.M Best Male vocal Performance in 1999 A.D (2056 B.S)
      5.      Best Music Video Award on Event Millennium Award in 2003 A.D (2060 B.S)
Brands Ambassador for:
1.      Samsung electronics.
2.      Anna Lifan Motorcycle.
3.      Bagpiper Whiskey.
4.      World link communication.
5.      Kodak Film
                            Released Album by Deepak Bajracharya:

1.      Aasai Aasma.
2.      Oh Amira.
3.      Samaya.
4.      Best of Deepak Bajracharya.
5.      Geet.
6.      Aashar.
7.      Jhumi Jhumi.
8.      On rush.

Some of the Popular Songs by Deepak Bajracharya:
      1.Oh Amira.
      2. Kati Baschau Maitighar Ma.
      3. Adhyaroma Chauchau Timi.
      4. Kaali Kalli Hissi Pareki.
      5. Samaya.
      6. Ritu.
      7. Ju Ju Na Na.
      8. Timilai Bhuleko Chaina.
      9.  Ritu.
      10. Jhumi Jhumi.

Avaya and the Steam Injuns

Established year: 2003 A.D

Members of this band are as provided below:

Rinchen Palzar: Lead Guitarist

Sarik Bogati: Drummer.

Nabin Thapa Magar: Drummer.

TsewangNamgya Chuzang Hyolmo: Bass Guitarist.

Sailendra : Keys

Abhaya Subba Weise: Singer and founder.

Hometown of Band Members: Kathmandu and Darjeeling.

Record label: Yuva and 360 degree Records.

This band is established on 2nd January 2003 A.D. Main duties of this band are to playing live gigs at lounge bars and hotels. It was basically an acoustic blues prior to it kicked off as a rock band. Abhaya Subba Weise is the singer and founder of this band, while in 2004; Rinchen Palzar joined the band as the lead guitarist. Later, Pramod joined the band in mid of 2009 as the bass guitarist and the member named Sarik Bogati lately joined te band than Sarik who have been playing with AATSI earlier for more than two years.

Abhaya had always been characteristic in well known bands such as Red Skywalkers, Parikrama, and Punchtatva but what she had been looking for was a group that would let her express herself completely and have a parallel vision. First album of this band was released in February 2005, was a runaway success and the band handle to slice a niche amongst the adult of the country Nepal. through their groundbreaking second album, Nayan, striking the Nepali charts and taking up a larger listenership, this band has recognized themselves as one of the best that Nepal has ever observe or perceive sound. 

Abhaya and the steam Injuns was nominated for numerous major music awards in Nepal and were reward the honour of being the Number one band of Nepal by media such as Radio Kantipur in 2009 A.D.

However, their best album is yet to release. Band members are in the development of recording their third album and are raring to drive the benchmark and to make music steamy affair thinking, and entertaining. Band performed broadly all over Nepal and has been request to major concerts in Australia, Hong Kong, and India. 

Adrian Pradhan.

A Nepalese composer, song writer, singer and vocalist named Adrian Pradhan was born in 18th august in the placed called Kalimpong, India.

He speaks as his musical career starts at the time when he was in school and learned music where he involved as a member of a school at St. Augustine, Kalimpong from class one to four as choir. From his childhood he started to play musical instrument like Mouth organ and a keyboard as his first musical instrument. Later he also picked up the guitar in the year 1989A.D; again he switched to drum in 1995 A.D.

He joined a “Eurika” band where he played his first ever gig. This was when he was studying in class ten as a charity show (Social Work) for the Kalimpong Blind School. Subsequent to another band named “Flames” which was featured in sun magazine in Indian Edition and later travel around India.

He came Kathmandu in the year 1994 A.D to teach guitar lessons as well as English at Little Angles school for the three years and then in Galaxy Public School. At the same time he engaged with the band named “1974 AD” as a piano player and worked permanently in the band since 1998 as a drummer, harmonica player and as a vocalist. Later is also released his solo albums named as Aaja, Ballad, Janani and Saath.

 Besides in the field of music he like to watch different movies and he is a huge fan of Brad Pitt, Robert de niro, Jack Back, Al Pacino, priyanka chopra and Amir Khan. He also mentioned that the Sholey and Godfather are his all time favorite movies. Mostly he used to listen to hard rock music like Iron maiden, Deep purple and others. In addition he love Indian classical music and he was a hiking and nature lover as well.
Some of His famous from his bands as well as solos are as enlisted below:

   1.      Parelima.
   2.      Samjhi Baschu.
   3.      Chaubandi Cholo.
   4.      Chudaina.
   5.      Chhayi deu.
   6.      Jungi nishan.
   7.      Malai Bhuli deu.
   8.      Mayalule.
   9.      Nepali.
   10.  Pailo Junima.
   11.  Sambodhan.
   12.  Timilai Piratile.
   13.  Gurasai Phulyo.
   14.  Hidda Hiddai.
   15.  Pinjadako Suga.
   16.  Aaja.
   17.  Sakdina.
   18.  Shishir Jhai.
   19.  Jindagima.
   20.  Nabhana Mero.
   21.  Timi Malai bulideu
   22.  Jindagima.
   23.  Sara Khushi.
   24.  Aakasai ko badal.
   25.  Seer Seer Siri.

Sudin Pokharel.

Usually Sudin Pokharel is known as DA 69 in Nepali rap and music world. Everyone wants to talk about Sudin as he used live the place named Biratnagar. The person who lives nearby Sudin even didn’t know about Sudin but now the time has been changed and he gained a lot of popularity in his home town, country and all over the world.

Although He was born in 23rd of February in Kathmandu his home town is in Biratnagar and he lived in the area called saraswati tole, this tole was popularly known to the people because a famous temple named saraswati mandir is in the same place.

The profession of his father is a professor of political science and everyone called Sudin as Pokharel sir ko chora or Pokharel sahib ko chora. In addition, his mother used to work in ophthalmic assistance in Nepal Eye Hospital at Biratnagar. He has a sister who is a web designer who resides in Australia nowadays, so this seems that his childhood was good.

He completed his schooling named School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) from St Joseph school which is a well known school to all situated at Saraswati Tole Tinpainee, Biratnagar.

He completed his schooling from a popular school named St Joseph’s School located at Sarawatitole Tinpainee Biratnagar. He was considering as an average student. He completed his Intermediate in Arts and Bachelor in Arts in affiliation with Ratna Rajya Campus. Major subject is Mass Communication and Journalism. Later he completed master from Tribhuwan University. He also formed a band with Sugam Pokharel, another popular artist of Music Industry in Nepal. Sudin sang different songs like “Udi Jane Yo Panchi Hoina “with Sugam. They are separated later in the field but still they are good friends. One secret about Sudin Pokharel is that he is called as Diwash Pokheral in his school.

Initially he was a jobless later after join a band with Girish Khatiwada and featured in a album Named “Back Again” A popular song from this album is “Ma yesto chu ma testo chu” help him to keep an image in the Nepalese Musical Industry. . Later he got the job in Kantipur Television Network as the sport newsreader reason of his interest towards sports and having the degree in journalism. Sudin also used to play cricket as the opening bowler and middle order batsman in his local cricket team. His most unforgettable thing is when he was singing in the stage a girl climbed the stage hug him and kiss him in stage. Best of Luck to Sudin Pokharel towards his career and contribution towards the Nepalese Music Industry.